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Samuel Agogbua Memorial Secondary School Ogidi (SAMSSO): Completed (See Education)

Medical/Surgical Center: Under construction (See Healthcare)

Acquisition of 100 hectares of farmland: Approved (See Farming)

Welfare and Grants: NKO Foundation set up a monthly Welfare program for some indigent families who struggle to make ends meet. Six families who were beneficiaries of this initiative got a monthly stipend for six months. This program brought some relief to these families.

COVID-19 Palliative Outreach: NKO Foundation USA sponsored the efforts of the NKO Dynamic Foundation in Nigeria, which donated 50 KG bags of rice and 20,000 naira each to over 40 (forty) families. Also, NKO Foundation funded the production of over 6,000 face masks, which were distributed at Ogidi, Nnewi, Abatete, and Enugu in Southeastern Nigeria.